Anyone can write. It’s as simple as opening up a word program and typing, but marketing is the key to selling your products.

Customer Retention: The Art of Getting Customers to Return

Website content has to do more than attract customers; they also have to keep coming back. Your copy needs to match your customer's expectations, clearly address how you will help them, and gain their trust. The copy I write will build your reputation while boosting customer retention.

Let the Content Do the Heavy Lifting

Think of all the time you spend talking with customers every day, always having to answer their questions. Customers are more self-reliant than ever and want to find answers on their own. Your content needs to answer as many questions as possible, making it quick and easy for you to make the sale.

SEO Advertising

The #1 spot on Google gets around 32.5 percent of the traffic share, but even dropping to #5 can take that number all the way down to 6.1 percent. Best of all, it’s a one-time charge. Once done, it pays for itself.

White Hat Backlinks

Being the “go-to place” for info is how you get quality backlinks. Buying fake backlinks puts your site at risk of being ranked low or being unlisted. My content will get real, white hat backlinks from your customers.

Artistic Second, Business First Approach

Using well-substantiated marketing practices, I build profitable customer relationships. My copywriting will be informative, match your company’s marketing strategy, and appeal to your target market.

Digital Competence

I design functional and mobile-friendly pages that convey the value of your company. I can even mark up your content with structured data for SEO, making your website stand out even more in the search results.

A Fusion of SEO and PPC

Web content goes beyond SEO. If you’re running PPC ads, a high quality score will keep your advertising costs down, and send relevant customers to your site. The lower your quality score, the more you’ll be paying per click. I can make sure your ad text, keywords, and landing pages are all aligned for optimal performance.

Google Ads Quality Score

Standard Features

SWOT Analysis – This defines the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats to your business. It helps with planning and can uncover issues affecting your business.

Google Analytics/Tag Manager Setup – Accurately track conversions and performance! I set up conversion funnels, segments, views to remove query strings, custom event tracking, and more

Keyword Analysis/SEO Audit/On-Page SEO –  I identify profitable keywords related to your business, and then optimize the text so customers will find your business.

HTML/CSS Formatting – Web editors add bloated code that reduces your page loading speed and can make it difficult to edit. I add the copy to your site making sure that everything works correctly.

More Than Just Text, an Entire Digital Experience

Many pre-built web solutions are available, but sometimes the solution you need doesn’t exist. Below you’ll find some of my custom web/content solutions.

Image and Text Slider

While working on the tech help section for FedHill, it was decided we could improve UX (User Experience) with a slider. However, most of the pre-built sliders available were for photos only. The sliders that could handle text and pictures didn’t fit with what we needed, so I developed a custom slider. Its SEO friendly, as all of the text and images inserted use HTML. The JavaScript dynamically builds the slideshow. DDPowerZoomer is used for the photo zoom.

Since sliders are hard to use on mobile devices, it changes to a regular page layout on tablets and phones.

It’s a hit with the customers, and I’ve received many compliments from them! Click here to see it.

Custom Google Tag Manager (GTM) Event Trigger

Conversion tracking is what makes digital marketing unique. With traditional advertising, it can be hard to gauge the success of an ad campaign accurately.

GTM requires triggers to track events/conversions. While GTM does feature pre-built triggers, they don’t work with everything, so a custom event trigger is needed. The pre-built form trigger won’t work on forms that use AJAX, so the code below, –

  • Assigns an event listener to the send button
  • Adds the event “constentContact” to the data layer, but only if the message sends successfully
  • GTM then sends this data to Google Analytics

In layman’s terms, this code lets you view how many times people completed a form on your website. That can help you gauge the success of a particular webpage, and easily find the conversion rate per page. Code like this is used to track any action on your website.

$(document).ready(function ()
	//Onclick Event Send Button
	$(".creativecontactform_send").click(function ()
		// Grab innerHTML
		var $success = $(".creative_success").html();

		if ($success = "Message successfully sent")
			window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || [];
				'event': 'constantComplete'

Simple Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) Calculator

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is an estimate of the total profit a customer will generate over their entire relationship with your company. It gauges the long-term health of your companies relationships with your customers. I built this simple calculator for small business owners, and you can view it by following this link.

$(function ()
   	$("#btnSubmit").click(function ()
   		// Grab Input Values
   		var totalRev = $('.totalRev').val();
   		var totalOrders = $('.totalOrders').val();
   		var customersLastYear = $('.customersLastYear').val();
   		// Calculate average order Value and Purchase Frequency
   		var avgOrderVal = totalRev / totalOrders;
   		var purchFreq = totalOrders / customersLastYear;

   		// Calculate Customer Value
   		var avgOrderVal = $('.avgOrderVal').html();
   		var purchFreq = $('.purchFreq').html();
   		var customerVal = avgOrderVal * purchFreq;

   		//Calculate Cutomer Lifetime Value
   		var customerVal = $('.customerVal').html();
   		var customerLifeVal = customerVal * 2;

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