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Build it Yourself vs Professional Work

Professional copywriting, design, SEO, analytics, security, marketing, and User Experience (UX). Unless you plan on spending years to learn all of that, you won’t get it from a D.I.Y. website. With my experience in marketing and web development, I will build a website that both the search engines and your customers will love.

Save Thousands

Building a custom website is out of reach for many small businesses. That's why I start with a pre-built template and modify it to match your company's style and requirements. That dramatically reduces the time and cost of web development, while still allowing you to have your unique style and functionality.

Why Start With a Template?

You can think of it like buying a house that’s already built vs. designing and building a custom house. With the pre-built house, I have an entire framework ready to build on. I can paint the walls, install a new floor, and even add an addition without the cost of having to build the entire house.

With a template, a team of web designers has already completed the design work. They sell it as a product, not as a service, and you can buy a template for around $10 to $200. With that framework in place, you can use the existing colors and design, or I can modify it to meet your needs. That dramatically reduces the cost of development, making it the perfect option for small businesses.

Urgent Message - If you're looking to get a custom website, be on the lookout for scammers! They will buy a pre-built template and pass it off as custom work. Follow this link to learn more, Small Business Scams: Web Design Template Scam. You'll also want to lookout for domain registration theft, and can follow this link to learn more, Small Business Scams: Domain Registration Theft.

Personal Recommendations for Templates

Template Monster - This company is one of the biggest and most well-known template companies. They sell templates, plugins, and extensions for just about everything!

Theme Forest - Another large company that sells templates, plugins, and extensions for just about everything!

Disclosure: The links above are affiliate links. If you go through them and make a purchase, I will earn a commission. I link to these companies because of the quality and not because of the commission I receive. The decision is yours, and whether or not you decide to buy something is entirely up to you.

Powered by Joomla!

Joomla Logo

Your website will be built with Joomla, a powerful Content Management System (CMS) used by millions of sites across the world. Joomla was initially designed as an enterprise-grade CMS, but became more user-friendly, making it perfect for small business. It’s great for e-commerce, social networking, local businesses, and of course content publishing sites. (News, Blogs, etc.). Joomla has also won the Best Free CMS Award from CMS Critic 4 years in a row.

Hosted by Siteground (Optional)

With great prices, fantastic features, and excellent support, my #1 choice for hosting is SiteGround. They are highly rated, (Currently they have a 9.7 out of 10 rating at, and are widely known for having top-notch speed and security. Click Here to See My Review of SiteGround Web Hosting

Web Hosting

Content and SEO

SEO Copywriting

Content is the entire reason why customers visit your website and buy your products. They’re looking for information about what you sell and how you can help them. Unfortunately, many agencies fall flat when developing content. After building a beautiful website, they hire the cheapest copywriter they can find, maybe do a little SEO, and then kick you out the door. With my web dev service, I’ll combine copywriting and SEO to draw in customers and get your business sales.
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Optional Website Management and Support

If you aren't good with tech, that's no problem! With my website management and support packages, you'll never have to touch any code or handle any issues. Priced explicitly for small business, I will add content to your site, keep it up-to-date, secure, immediately solve any of the common problems that happen, and much more!

Website Code

Optional Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Website Marketing

After your website goes live, SEO won’t be enough to attract customers to your site. Marketing is my specialty, and with my SEM packages, I will instantly drive traffic to your website. With Google Adwords and Bings Ads, your website will have advertisements running on the two most popular search engines.


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