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You may be tempted to cheat the system by using black hat SEO, but that’s never the right choice. Google punished J.C Penny and BMW for using black hat SEO. Even being well-known, billion-dollar businesses, it took them months to recover. If a small business like yours tries it, you will get caught, the search engines will punish you, and you may never regain your lost ranking. My SEO service will improve your ranking the right way.

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A common issue with local businesses is that their websites have terrible SEO. Frequently, they try to do it themselves, or don’t do any SEO at all! This service is designed to set up your website, so it follows Bing and Google webmaster guidelines down to every last detail. With my Triple-A - MCS system, I will go through your entire website and get it ready to rise above the rest.

AAA-MCS System

Audit - Accessibility - Architecture - Mobile - Content/On Page - Social


The service starts with a full SEO site audit. Using specialized tools, I will identify the keywords, the necessary work, and any areas of concern. From there, I will develop a plan that will get your website optimized for both Google and Bing.


In this stage, I fix any accessibility issues with your website to ensure both the search engines, and your users can properly access your site. That includes page speed, properly implemented 301 redirects, file size optimization, error reduction, and more.


The architecture of your website, which is how your links and pages are organized, help search engines quickly crawl and index your site. All pages should be organized intuitively, grouped within categories with similar content.


72 percent of users want mobile-friendly sites, and that number continues to grow. Because of this, mobile-ready websites get rewarded by the search engines. This stage gets your website mobile-ready for easy viewing on all devices.

Content/On Page

When it comes to SEO, content is king. It's the entire reason people visit your website, share it with others to create backlinks, and how search engines list your page. In this stage, I will use your top keywords to craft text the search engines will love; all while doing on-page SEO.


Social media isn't just great for marketing, but for SEO as well. Users can check out your new products or services, and every time they recommend your business to their friends, they create a new backlink. Better yet, your social media pages will be listed on the search engines, giving your business even more coverage.

“At last a Real Copy Writer! Delivered on time and better than I expected. Fantastic Work, Fast Delivery, Great Communication, Excellent Original Content. Highly Recommended!” – Dave, Owner, IntoBlinds


IntoBlinds is a family-owned business that sells an extensive selection of window furnishings. With my SEO optimized text, they were able to boost their search rankings to the first page. In some categories, they have even surpassed major manufactures by ranking #1 on Google Australia.

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Fedhill brake line logo

FedHill Brake Line

Fedhill is a small retailer that introduced the original British made Cunifer brake, fuel and hydraulic line to the American market. After low-priced alternatives entered the market, the competition became fierce. Our high-quality products cost on average 159.64 percent more than the competition, and the SEO had taken a severe hit.

As the E-Commerce manager, I maintained a respectable search ranking among large enterprises such as Amazon, Napa, O'Reilly Auto Parts, AGS, and AutoZone. Furthermore, time and again, the marketing departments of both the retailers and manufacturers have directly copied my digital advertising and copywriting. They were always playing catch up with me. I may be small, but I can pack a punch.
Fedhill Brake Line currently ranks #1 for “Copper nickel hydraulic line”.

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