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Personalized Service, High Return on Investment and Fast Results

PPC Delivers Immediate Results

SEO is excellent for your long term strategy, but it can take weeks or even months for you to see any results. With PPC marketing, your business will immediately see an increase in traffic. Your ads will not only be displayed on search engines, but also across millions of websites all over the internet.

Targeted Traffic = High Return on Investment

Unlike search engine traffic, PPC campaigns connect your business with highly targeted traffic. (The customers who are most likely to make a purchase.) With Google and Bing Ads, I will create advertising campaigns that drive high value targeted traffic to your website.

No Minimum Monthly PPC Ad Spend

While most agencies require a minimum monthly ad spend, as a freelancer, I have no minimum budget to get started. Just choose your budget and start advertising!

Cost-Effective PPC/SEM Management

Without the overhead costs associated with the typical agency, your money will be spent working on your account instead of paying for my expenses. Best of all, I offer flat rate pricing with no surprise costs.

Professional Service

With my PPC marketing service, your account won’t be handed off to someone with little experience. I will personally optimize and maintain your account to ensure the highest ROI possible.

High Quality Clicks

Many businesses have unoptimized PPC campaigns that are ineffective, attracting the wrong customers, and costly. I will optimize your account to ensure high-quality traffic that caters to your specific target market.

Monthly and Quarterly Reports

With constant analysis and reporting, you will be able to see first hand the work I've completed on your account, the improvements that were made, and how well your account is performing.

Unlimited Ad Groups, Keywords, and Ads

Most agencies will charge you even more to add content to your account. I will add as many groups, keywords, and advertisements as necessary to ensure your account performs its best.

PPC Features

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Bing - Google Ads Search Campaign

A search campaign will display your advertisements on search results pages. With proper management and financing, these ads can be displayed at the top of the search results.

Bing - Google Ads Display Campaign

Almost every website uses either Google or Bing display networks, and your ads will be displayed directly to users who are interested in your product/service.

Bing - Google Ads Remarketing Campaign

The average bounce rate for a website can range from 41 to 70 percent. A remarketing campaign displays ads to people who have visited your website. That means you can recapture customers even after they've moved on to other websites.

Bing - Google Ads Shopping Campaign

If you're an online retailer, a shopping campaign is the best way to get relevant, well-targeted clicks. Shopping ads typically have a very high Click Through Rate (CTR), and some businesses have realized CTR's that are double and even triple over the standard. Note - CTR is the number of people who view the ad and click on it without passing it over.

Landing Page Optimization

If you’re running PPC ads, a high quality score will keep your advertising costs down, and send relevant customers to your site. The lower your quality score, the more you’ll be paying per click. I can make sure your ad text, keywords, and landing pages are all aligned for optimal performance.

In general, a good quality score for your different keywords will be, -

  • Branded Keywords - 8 to 10
  • High-Intent Keywords - 7 to 9
  • Low-Intent Keywords - 7 and under
  • Competitor Keywords - 3 and under
Google Ads Quality Score
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PPC Account Management Pricing

Flat Rate Pricing, No Hidden Fees, and Guaranteed Traffic


For monthly budgets, $800 and below. Recommended for the “Mom and Pop Shop” small businesses who want to gain traction online.

$155 /per month

For budgets this small, choose either Google Ads or Bing Account Management to get the most out of your advertising spend.


For monthly budgets, $850 to $1500. Recommended for the business that wants to grow!

$265 /per month

For budgets this small, choose either Google Ads or Bing Account Management to get the most out of your advertising spend!


For monthly budgets of $1550+. Recommended for larger companies looking for professional management.

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Account Management for Google Ads, Bing or Both!

Standard Features

Unlimited Text Ads - Unlimited Keywords - Unlimited Ad Groups - Monthly Optimization - Market Analysis - Keyword Research - Competitor Analysis - Ad Extentions - Location Targeting - Negative Keywords - Experiments/Testing - Basic Conversion Tracking - Basic Landing Page Optimization


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Bing Ads Accredited Professional

Professional Certified Marketer, PCM

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