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Mission Statement: To empower businesses by using validated digital marketing practices.

Freelance digital marketer, Tim Beachboard

Timothy L. Beachboard, AMA-PCM® - Digital Marketer and SEO Copywriter

Businesses often struggle while navigating the digital landscape. The online world is notoriously ruthless, and you quickly find yourself competing with multi-billion dollar enterprises. If you don't know what you're doing, things can go wrong fast. Furthermore, with limited funding and digital marketing insight, owners often fall victim to scams and fraudulent services. I founded Freelancing by Timothy Beachboard to provide honest, ethical advice, and digital marketing services to business owners.

With experience in digital marketing and SEO, I will help your company achieve its advertising goals. Through PPC display, search, and shopping campaigns, I have a proven record of accomplishment of reducing PPC costs while increasing conversions.

I can build SEO compliant websites and pages that will increase your site's visibility on the search engines. I am also Google Analytics certified and will use it to pinpoint key areas where both traffic and conversions are lost.

Some of my notable achievements -

Fedhill is a small retailer that introduced the original British made Cunifer brake, fuel and hydraulic line to the American market. After low-priced alternatives entered the market, the competition became fierce, and the SEO had taken a severe hit.

As the E-Commerce manager, I maintained a respectable search ranking among large enterprises such as Amazon, Napa, O'Reilly Auto Parts, AGS, and AutoZone. Furthermore, time and again, the marketing departments of both the retailers and manufacturers have directly copied my digital advertising and copywriting. They were always playing catch up with me. I may be small, but I can pack a punch.
Fedhill Brake Line currently ranks #1 for “Copper-nickel hydraulic line.”

  • Working for Fedhill Brake Line, selling high-quality products that cost on average 159.64 percent more than our competition, I optimized campaigns to reduce CPC (Cost Per Click) by 22.92 percent while increasing conversions by 43.48 percent. ($500 Budget)
  • Through my SEO copywriting service, IntoBlinds.com.au currently maintains first-page status on Google AU for its search terms. They even hold the #1 spot for many of their keywords.
  • Ministorage.net holds first page status for many of their keywords, including “Self-Storage in Southern CA”
  • I have developed a VBA for Excel Macro that converts British Pounds to USD while folding shipping into product cost, eliminating hours of work, and reducing human error.


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