I’m currently looking at getting a part-time job while I strengthen my programming skills. (a.k.a. A steady job where I don’t have to compete for contracts.) I’m also open to full-time employment for the right opportunity. Most of my experience is with vintage cars, but I have a solid foundation of mechanical skills to bring into the shop.

While I don’t have too many pictures of random cars I’ve worked on, here are some pics of me in the shop and at the track. Most of them are from the restoration projects though.


A family picture just because. =) My dad holding me at the track. (1990-91?)

Ford Custom, Jaguar XK 120, and AC Ace.

Valve job.

It’s not a great picture, but it looks like I’m taking the valves out of the Jaguar XK 120.

XK 120 on the trailer.

The XK 120 going to the upholsterer. 

AC Ace interior. 

SCCA track day with the AC Ace.

Almost finished 50 Ford.

An almost finished 50′ Ford.

Ford at the top shop.

Tim Beachboard in the shop.

Here’s a younger me with a DB4 in the back. 

DB4 at a track event.

Aston Martin Owners Club track event. The white V8 Vantage behind me is one of our customers cars. 

Aston Martin DB5

DB5 Photo shoot.

Lotus 11, DB4, and I think a Bugatti in the back?

Chevy S-10

After my S-10’s first time off road.

Chevy S-10 first picture.

My finished S-10. (And the van again! lol)

Jaguar E-Type Ball Joints

Recent picture of me replacing the ball joint dust covers on a 61′ Jaguar E-Type. (6/13/20)

Jag in the shop.

Touch up work on a Jag.

Touch up work on a Jag.

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