I’m currently looking at getting out from behind the desk, away from contract labor, and back in the trades! Most of my experience is with vintage cars, but I have a solid foundation of mechanical skills that I can bring to the shop.

While I don’t have too many pictures of random cars I’ve worked on, here are some pics of me in the shop and at the track. I’ll be posting more as I get them.


A family picture just because. =) My dad holding me at the track. (1990-91?)

Ford Custom, Jaguar XK 120, and AC Ace.

Valve job.

It’s not a great picture, but it looks like I’m taking the valves out of the Jaguar XK 120.

Tim Beachboard in the shop.

Here’s a younger me with a DB4 in the back. 

Aston Martin Owners Club track event.

SCCA track day.

Chevy S-10

After my S-10’s first time off road.

Chevy S-10 first picture.

My finished S-10. (And the van again! lol)

Jaguar E-Type Ball Joints

Recent picture of me replacing the ball joint dust covers on a 61′ Jaguar E-Type. (6/13/20)

The Jag in the shop.

Almost finished 50 Ford.

An almost finished 50′ Ford.

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